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Ambassador for Development

Dr Ellie Cannon

We know what a fundamental difference nutrition and movement can make to children’s lives and how important it is to get the right balance of health, happiness, education and fun in the early years. That’s why, as well as providing state-of-the-art sports facilities and coaching, an enriching learning programme and guidance on nourishment, we have partnered with the UK’s leading experts on family health to inform and improve our proposition whilst offering guidance to parents on how to sustain happy, healthy children.

As a practicing GP and expert on family health Dr Ellie is the perfect partner for Gymfinity Kids as our Ambassador for Development. She is just as passionate about laying the foundations for a happier, healthier nation as we are!

Speaking about why she’s so excited to be working with Gymfinity
Kids, Dr Ellie explains: “As a Mum of two I know that parenthood is a juggling act and every family has different priorities in their busy lives. But it does concern me how many children do not exercise enough or eat a healthy balanced diet. This is why I am thrilled to have the chance to get involved with Gymfinity Kids whose proposition is exactly what today’s children need to develop both now and in the future. In my experience children’s growth and development is based on a number of building blocks – sleep, movement, happiness, play, learning, nourishment and much more. It’s not always easy for parents to tick all of these boxes all of the time, which is why Gymfinity Kids’ three pillar approach is so brilliant as it supports children’s overall wellbeing. This encourages children to adopt healthy habits from an early age, which will stay with them for life.”

Everything we do at Gymfinity Kids
is rooted in Development

Development in the early years provides the building blocks for health and happiness throughout life, which is why it’s so important to support children in these formative years. We create a community of support at Gymfinity Kids and with guidance from our Ambassador for Development Dr Ellie Cannon and expert coaches, parents know that their children’s development is being nurtured by the very best in the industry.

The benefits of Development

  • A guaranteed space for your child in a weekly gymnastics or ninja class of your choice.
  • A structured pre-school, gymnastics or ninja program with our unique awards scheme
  • Access to Open Gym sessions
  • The opportunity to book One to One sessions
  • Training from fully trained and experienced Coaches
  • Exclusive early bird offers
  • Invites to club week award ceremonies
  • Invites to the Gymfinity Kids Competitions

We are proud to provide children with a high standard of education

Children’s wellbeing and development is the core of our business, providing facilities for babies through to teenagers with the ambition to play a part in each stage of their growth. Our gymnastics and ninja classes are so much fun that kids almost won’t realise that they are also picking up essential life lessons such as respecting others, building resilience and the importance of trying their best. All vital social skills they can use in the outside world. Gymfinity Kids knows from experience that as their skills improve, children’s confidence grows, and each session adds positive experiences into their weekly routine.

We are proud to provide children with a high standard of education in our nurseries, using the Early Years Foundation Stage, which we use as support with our practice to ensure each child’s development happens at an appropriate stage for their age.

Children’s early years are so important to lay the foundations for their growth and development in later life. But it shouldn’t be all about monitoring how quickly they reach certain milestones, it’s important to recognise their overall health and happiness on a day-to-day basis, which is influenced greatly by their diet and activity levels. It is so rewarding to see children’s progression and development at Gymfinity Kids, whether that’s gaining independence in a pre-school class, improved concentration in school or building the confidence to show off new skills.

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