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Ambassador for Movement

Imogen Mohammed

Imogen has been passionate about gymnastics throughout her entire life and has seen first-hand the benefits of children getting active from a young age. Having first started gymnastics aged six, Imogen went on to compete at a high level and started coaching when she was a teenager. She has been part of the Gymfinity Kids family for the last few years as a Programme Trainer and with almost a decade of gymnastics coaching experience, Imogen is the best person to inspire children to move their bodies. She is our No.1 champion of activity at Gymfinity Kids and is a truly inspirational Ambassador for Movement.

As Ambassador for Movement Imogen plays a leading role in designing activity programmes for children so that they can jump, roll, bounce and balance higher, faster and for longer!
Imogen describes her passion for children’s activity as: “Never-ending! Active bodies are happy bodies, which is why we are all so eager to encourage any child to give Gymfinity Kids a go. Having started gymnastics from a young age I have felt the benefits it brings by building strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination, not to mention the endorphins that make you feel happy and confident too. It’s so rewarding to see children join us as babies in our nursery and stick with us as they grow, developing a true passion for staying active and developing super cool skills along the way!”

Everything we do at Gymfinity Kids
is rooted in movement

All movement is good for our bodies and makes us feel great, but unfortunately more than half of children in the UK don’t currently meet the recommended guidance of being active for at least 60 minutes each day. Through the provision of gymnastics and ninja classes, which represent the very essence of movement, we are on a mission to change that.

Being active helps both body and mind, it improves sleep, concentration and reduces anxiety. For children it gives them a focus, and exposure to activity develops a passion and a commitment to remaining active throughout their lifetime, because it’s fun and makes them feel good.

The benefits of Movement

  • A guaranteed space for your child in a weekly gymnastics or ninja class of your choice.
  • A structured pre-school, gymnastics or ninja program with our unique awards scheme
  • The opportunity to book One to One sessions
  • Training from fully trained and experienced Coaches
  • Exclusive early bird offers
  • Access to Award week ceremonies
  • Invites to the Gymfinity Kids Competitions

We have assembled a team of experienced coaching experts

Everything we do at Gymfinity Kids is rooted in movement, whether that’s learning how to forward roll, doing a somersault, learning how to use the beam, mastering a new ninja skill or during the daily sessions nursery children spend on the gym floor.

We have assembled a team of experienced coaching experts, who have developed our unique movement programmes and support delivering them daily. With over 400 years of sports coaching experience combined, a high standard of coaching is just the start.

And because we want every child to enjoy being active we make sure to cater for all ages and abilities, whether that’s children who want to master their cartwheel, those who don’t like to do traditional sports or to help busy bodies channel their boundless energy into something productive. Our unique awards scheme means that we can tailor a progression pathway for any child, balancing development and fun in equal measure.

It’s common for children to spend lots of time sitting down, whether that’s during the school day, doing homework, watching TV or playing video games. It’s so important that we inspire children be active too, which is why everything we do at Gymfinity Kids is rooted in movement. Children jump, roll, balance, spin and flip for at least 60 minutes during each Gymfinity Kids class or nursery day, which is good for their health and is brilliant fun too!

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