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Ambassador for Nourishment

Annabel Karmel MBE

To help us make smart food decisions for growing kids and to make sure we deliver the perfect balance of support, we have teamed up with UK’s No.1 children’s cookery author and mother of three Annabel Karmel.

With 45 cookbooks and counting, world-leading children’s food and nutrition expert Annabel recognises the importance of child wellbeing and developing healthy habits for long-term health.
Today’s busy families need quick and easy meals full of nourishment for those extra busy days. Have fun at home making and eating tasty, nutritious meals and snacks as a family, which is just what active kids need to fuel their growth.

Annabel explains why she is so passionate about her role as Ambassador for Nourishment: “I know first-hand what it’s like to juggle motherhood with a busy life and how spending hours in the kitchen isn’t an option for many parents. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with parents and children to show them that anyone can make tasty, healthy, quick meals and snacks that are packed with flavour.

“Having worked with Gymfinity Kids for a few years, it is clear that children’s health, wellbeing and development is at the core of everything it does. I admire their ambitions to make a real difference to the health of the nation and I am excited to bring my expertise to the business by providing nourishment guidance to Gymfinity Kids, parents and children.”

Everything we do at Gymfinity Kids
is rooted in Nourishment

A healthy lifestyle is not just about keeping active, it’s important that children also have a diet full of nourishment too. Having a balanced and nutritious diet directly impacts a child’s growth and development, encourages better performance during physical activity and is so important for their sleep and concentration. Developing good nutritional eating from a young age also helps children grow up to have a healthy attitude towards food.

Download some of our recent recipe cards below:

The benefits of Nourishment

  • A guaranteed space for your child in a weekly gymnastics or ninja class of your choice.
  • A structured pre-school, gymnastics or ninja program with our unique awards scheme
  • Access to Open Gym sessions
  • The opportunity to book One to One sessions
  • Training from fully trained and experienced Coaches
  • Exclusive early bird offers
  • Invites to club week award ceremonies
  • Invites to the Gymfinity Kids Competitions

We nourish our children with only the most nutritional, healthy and tasty food

At Gymfinity Kids Nurseries we make smart food decisions for little tummies, guided by our Ambassador for Nourishment. We nourish our children with only the most nutritional, healthy and tasty food based on menus designed by expert in children’s nutrition, Annabel Karmel MBE. We make sure that every child at our nursery has exactly the right food they need to fuel their activity, learning and growth.

As well as the tasty food we serve at nursery, we strive to educate all our children on the building blocks of nutrition and where food comes from. And with the support of experts, we share our knowledge about nutrition to help everyone in the Gymfinity Kids community to take steps towards a happier, healthier future.

Children need a healthy, balanced diet to ensure they obtain all the necessary nutrients they need for good health and growth. We know that healthy tummies are happy tummies, to provide children with the energy they need to be active, to play and to support their learning at school or nursery. At Gymfinity Kids we are here for parents and children every step of the way, serving nutritious meals in our nursery, teaching children about the building blocks of nutrition and providing tips and recipes to make healthy meals and snacks at home.

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