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Open Gym

We never stop the fun

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We’re open between classes!

Even between classes we’re thinking about gymnastics! That’s why we created our Open Gym sessions. During the week we hold unstructured, open gymnastics classes for our members. Every session is fully supervised and is the perfect time for kids to work on the new skills and techniques they have been learning in class or spend time with new friends!

These open gymnastics sessions welcome club members to spend extra time enjoying the Gymfinity Kids gymnastics facilities including beams, bars, the floor, tracks and more. All the while our fully qualified gymnastics and trampoline staff are there to supervise the fun and support and advise where needed.

As always, you have the choice to stay and watch your child from the viewing area or alternatively leave your child for their session, knowing our fully qualified team of coaches are supervising them.

There are lots of times to select throughout the week.

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