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Get the very most out of your PE lessons

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We can help your pupils love it too

At Gymfinity Kids, we know that there’s so much many more to physical exercise than the health benefits. It also gives kids a sense of belonging, improves brain function and helps them learn skills such as problem solving and keeping focused.

We understand the rigorous process schools must go through to develop and deliver physical activity programmes. But also, that not all schools have the equipment and space required to provide regular exercise in school. That’s where Gymfinity Kids can help.

For all age groups, we’ll help you to develop a robust exercise programme that enables each kid to follow a structure, through weekly plan learning and development throughout the weeks. Meanwhile your pupils can look forward to classes in our state-of-the-art facilities where they’ll grow, learn and develop in their physical activity.

From balancing, strength and co-ordination, our fully qualified coaching team will help get the very most out of your PE lessons. We offer both curricular and extra-curricular classes to fit around times that work best for you and your class.

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