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At Gymfinity Kids, we know that physical exercise is good for children and the earlier an age they start, the better.

Apart from the health benefits exercise gives, it also helps to give a child a sense of belonging, improves brain function and helps children learn skills such as problem solving and keeping focused, all skills that are transferable at school.

But these benefits don’t just happen; schools need to devise physical activity programmes that are carefully planned and delivered, and that’s where, at Gymfinity Kids, we can step in and support this process.

We understand that not all schools have the equipment and space required to provide regular exercise in school, that is why we can support you as a school to provide a positive learning environment, in state-of-the-art facilities where your pupils can grow, learn and develop in their physical activity.

Depending on the age of each group, we can work with you as a school to develop a robust exercise programme that enables each child to follow a structure weekly plan learning and developing throughout the weeks.

From balancing, strength & co-ordination, our fully qualified coaching team can work with you to get the very most out of your PE lessons with a goal to get as many children as possible physically active. We offer both curricular and extra -curricular classes to fit around times that work best for you and your class plan!

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