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Gymnastics Member

Beginner Gymnastics

Suitable for: 4½ years – 11 years

This class is perfect for kids who have little to no experience in gymnastics. The aim is to move on to higher skilled techniques including forward and backward rollovers, roundoffs and cartwheels on beams. In this class the kids rotate around the equipment, which includes beams, bars, obstacles, floor and vault to learn basic gymnastic skills, such as rolling, jumping, landing, cartwheels, handstands and more. All kids work towards our START MOVES progressional programme.

Intermediate Gymnastics

Suitable for 5 – 14 years

This class is perfect for kids who have mastered the basics of gymnastics already. So, they will be confident in rolling, jumping, cartwheels and handstands. In this class the gymnasts rotate around the equipment learning more advanced tumbling and elements as they work towards our SMART MOVES progressional programme.

Advanced Gymnastics (Invite Only)

Suitable for: 7 – 14 years

This class is purely for kids at an advanced level in gymnastics. If you feel like your kid is ready they will have a trial with one of our lead instructors and be invited to join the class. In the class gymnasts perform to higher level skills on the equipment and more advanced conditioning and flexibility work. They will learn more advanced skills such as roundoff flicks, somersaults and full bar routine. All gymnasts work towards our SMART MOVES progressional programme.

Team Gymnastics

These classes are for gymnasts who have been invited to do higher-level gymnastics and train more than once per week. Gymnasts invited into this group work towards the UK gymnastics competitive programme, and may also work towards displays, routines, and higher level awards. A major part of this programme involves physical preparation, conditioning, and committing to more hours.

In House Award Scheme

Each class is part of our unique programme and in-house award scheme, which gives kids a well-balanced experience of all gymnastic elements. Plus, they can track their improvement in their own award booklets and look forward to getting certificates as they raise their abilities!

Other activities

Teen Gym
For girls and boys aged 11+ this class is perfect for those who want to work towards learning new skills, in a safe environment, whilst making new friends & building confidence.

Adult Gym
You’ve seen your kids on all the equipment and now it’s your turn! Get fit, flexible and stronger, join us for this coach supported, fun fitness class.

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Ninja Zone Member

Ninja Zone was designed to help children channel their boundless energy into something productive.

This fun and energetic class combines a mix of martial arts, freestyle movement and gymnastics. Every one-hour session includes warm-ups, games and rotations adapted to each child’s ability, plus a fun obstacle course. As their skill and ability grows, each child will advance through the different levels.

The sessions are so much fun, the kids almost won’t realise that they are picking up essential life lessons such as respecting others, taking responsibility and the importance of a work ethic. All vital social skills they can use in the outside world.

We know from experience that as their skills improve, their confidence grows, and each session adds positive experiences into their weekly routine.

Mini Ninja

Suitable for: 3-4.5 yrs

Within our specially designed kids ninja gym, this class is the perfect ninja class for our pre-school kids. An independent, fun and structured class, the aim is to work towards learning new skills, building confidence and making new friends in a safe and supported class.

Little Ninja

Suitable for: 5-7 yrs

This class is perfect for kids who have mastered the basics of ninja already. Little Ninja is made up of a combination of gymnastics, martial arts and parkour. The aim is to move onto higher skilled techniques working towards the first levels of our ninja award scheme. Our experience tells us that as kids grow their skills and their confidence grows too.

Ninja Champs

Suitable for: 8-10yrs

As their skills and abilities grow kids advance through the different levels with this class taking your kids Ninja skills to the next level. Working towards our ninja award scheme, they will work on both the gymnastics & ninja equipment to grow strength, flexibility and co-ordination in this structured progressive class.

Ninja Razor

Suitable for: 10yrs+

Each one-hour session is filled with a mixture of marital arts, freestyle movement and gymnastics. Ninja Razor is the highest level in our ninja programme, where kids work towards the more advanced levels, focusing on kicks, twists and flicks. Your kids will be learning form the most qualified people in Ninja martial arts, parkour and gymnastics.

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Pre School Member

Side by side

Suitable for: walking – 24 months

This 45-minute class promotes parent-child bonding and social development through exploring the wonders of gymnastics! At this stage in your kid’s development, they will be walking and beginning to explore their environment. So, this session focuses on floor activities with stations and obstacles for you to explore together. What’s more this session is designed by leading childcare experts in the US.


Suitable for: 2 – 31/2 years

This high-energy class is specially designed to match a pre-schooler’s boundless energy and capture their imaginations! Coaches and parents work together to introduce concepts such as taking turns, following directions and working with others. This session utilises more advanced gymnastics equipment such as beams, bars and air track to inspire independence and confidence.


Suitable for: 31/2 – 41/2 years

This class builds on the preschool curriculum with more advanced skills such as rolling, handstands, cartwheels and rebound work. Parents no longer fully participate but are welcome to watch from the viewing area and come into the gym if needed. The lesson plan encourages children to understand rules and follow instructions. At the same time they will learn gymnastics and movement skills in a fun, positive and safe environment.

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Open Gym Member

These open gymnastics sessions welcome kids to spend extra time enjoying the Gymfinity Kids gymnastics facilities including beams, bars, the floor, tracks and more. All the while our fully qualified gymnastics and trampoline staff are there to supervise the fun and support and advise where needed.

As always, you have the choice to stay and watch your child from the viewing area or alternatively leave your child for their session, knowing our fully qualified team of coaches are supervising them.

There are lots of times to select throughout the week.

Parties Non-members and members

Partygoers will experience an exciting range of gymnastics and ninja activities including games, giant air tracks, power bungees, trampolines into foam pits, monkey bars, party games and much, much more!

The kids get 1 hour of activity in our state-of-the-art gymnastics and ninja club followed by food in our colour changing room! You can choose to bring your own food or we’ll happily provide it all for an additional fee. All you need to do is bring the birthday cake!

Choose a party theme:

  • Ninja Party
  • Gymnastics Party
  • Funtime Party – both gymnastics and ninja

Choose your pizzas:

  • Margherita
  • Pepperoni
  • Hawaiian

As well as the pizzas we also include jelly and juice.

For price details and to book contact your club today.

Baby Balance Non-members and members

Baby Balance sessions are 30 minutes of FREE sensory play for babies aged 3 months +. These are parent-led sessions where you can spend quality time with your little one, while catching up with other parents too!

We’re sure to have you both giggling away with a combination of music, movement and sensory stimulation. Each baby sensory class is designed to help develop your baby’s sensory awareness, mobility, strength and balance.

Contact your club to book your space.

*Only available in some sites, please contact your club for further information.

Holiday Camps Non-members and members

Our goal is to welcome kids into a place where they can build their wellness, agility and coordination, as well as expand their knowledge and skills.

During the school break we run holiday camps for kids aged 5 – 14 years. They’re packed full of fun activities that focus on development and learning too.

All our sessions are fully supervised by our DBS-checked coaching team. They’re skilled professionals in coaching and teaching, as well as being fully first aid trained. So you can relax in the knowledge that your kids are in safe hands.

Everyone’s welcome – Non-members and members

All you need to do is bring along a drink and packed lunch to keep their energy up!

For more information or to book a place on our kids holiday camps, give us a call today.

Holiday Camps run during

  • School Half Term Holidays
  • Christmas Holidays
  • Easter Holidays
  • Summer Holidays

Schools & Education

We understand the rigorous process schools must go through to develop and deliver physical activity programmes. But also, that not all schools have the equipment and space required to provide regular exercise in school. That’s where Gymfinity Kids can help.

For all age groups, we’ll help you to develop a robust exercise programme that enables each kid to follow a structure, through weekly plan learning and development throughout the weeks. Meanwhile your pupils can look forward to classes in our state-of-the-art facilities where they’ll grow, learn and develop in their physical activity.

From balancing, strength and co-ordination, our fully qualified coaching team will help get the very most out of your PE lessons. We offer both curricular and extra-curricular classes to fit around times that work best for you and your class.

Want to find out more contact your club today.

Adult Classes

Don’t let your kids have all the fun. At Gymfinity Kids we offer gymnastics for ALL ages and ability. Why not try something different that just slogging it in the gym and have a go on the gymnastics equipment whilst developing fitness, strength & flexibility.

Gymnastics is a fantastic alternative to the conventional fitness class and at Gymfinity Kids we really do believe that gymnastics can be for all.

Staff are on hand to advice and support you throughout the session.

Speak to a member of the team today to find out more.

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