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Welcome to Gymfinity Kids, the UK’s leading provider of activity-based clubs and nurseries

Welcome to Gymfinity Kids, the UK’s leading provider of activity-based clubs and nurseries. We offer gymnastics and Ninja classes, holiday camps, parties and nurseries built on the pillars of movement, development and nourishment with the aim of enhancing overall wellbeing in children.

We hope that by encouraging children to be more active and better understand the importance of good nutrition they will develop faster, be happier and healthier now and as they grow. That is why our purpose at Gymfinity Kids is laying the foundations for a happier, healthier nation.

At our large, fully equipped, state-of-the-art clubs we cater for children aged 3 months – 16 years of all abilities and our nurseries, based on-site at our clubs, provide the best care, education and facilities for little ones to become active, learn and grow.

Our three pillars

At Gymfinity Kids we want to inspire children to be happier and healthier through our three pillars. This pioneering approach enhances the overall wellbeing of children by building their strength, balance and co-ordination to develop confidence, independence and a desire to progress.


We encourage children to explore the amazing machine that is the human body. Being active helps both body and mind, it improves sleep, concentration and reduces anxiety. It gives children a focus, it’s fun and makes them feel good.

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Active children need healthy food to boost their energy levels, improve concentration and fuel their growth. We provide our nursery children with a balanced diet and inspire all children to enjoy making and eating simple, nutritious meals and snacks from an early age.

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During their most formative years we support children’s overall development by coaching, caring and leading by example. We help children to lead happy and healthy lives from a young age, build their confidence, independence and encourage teamwork, sharing and listening.

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What makes us different

We are passionate about activity and the benefit it brings children, physically and mentally. Guided by our purpose of laying the foundations for a happier, healthier nation, we have a unique approach to inspire children to adopt healthy habits from an early age, which we hope will stay with them for life.

  1. Our state-of-the-art facilities cater for all abilities with the dual objectives of progression and fun in equal measure.
  2. We have the broadest variety of classes in the industry – in terms of skills, abilities and age groups – meaning that we can tailor a progression pathway for any child.
  3. Our subscription model means that becoming a member guarantees your child’s space in a gymnastics, ninja or preschool class at the same time each week. This means that children are taught by the same coach, who can monitor their progression and support their development week in, week out.
  4. Our nurseries are located at our clubs, meaning babies and toddlers get to spend at least 60 minutes per day on our gym floor. There is no other childcare setting that currently offers a comparable facility, which allows children to develop their early years movement under the guidance of skilled coaches.
  5. Our passionate coaches and carers are experts both in their field but also in understanding the physical and mental abilities of children. This means that children in our clubs and nurseries are looked after by some of the best in the industry.
  6. We also have industry-leading Gymfinity Kids Ambassadors, whose expertise in movement, nourishment and development enhance the overall wellbeing of our members.

Our History

Gymfinity Kids was founded to provide an innovative solution to the growing problem of inactivity amongst children in the UK. Young people should aim to be active for at least 60 minutes each day yet the majority of children do not achieve this guidance, which impacts both their mental and physical health. The first Gymfinity Kids club opened in 2017 to provide recreational gymnastics and ninja classes aimed at getting children active.

After we built our clubs we realised we had the opportunity to take our pioneering approach to babies and toddlers through the provision of nurseries. Situated within our spacious, state-of-the-art clubs our nursery children are nurtured through a unique focus on nourishment, development and movement.

Our values

Our values define how our business operates, guide us in the way that we coach and care, develop trusting relationships with parents and lay the foundations for long-lasting, healthy and happy children.


we maintain that the health, safety and happiness of children is our top priority


our passionate coaches motivate children to be the best version of themselves


we make sure there is a place for everyone at our clubs and nurseries


we ensure that children have access to the highest quality facilities, coaches and carers


we encourage progression and help children to reach their full potential


and everything we do is in pursuit of having FUN!

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