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2 Hour Classes

The fast track to move-mastery!

Leap, flip and tumble into an extended 2-hour training session.

Develop through the Gymfinity Kids award scheme at lightning speed! Choose between a gymnastics or ninja movement program for your child, packed full of high-energy and fun.

About 2-hour classes

At Gymfinity Kids we know how much kids love being active. So, as well as regular hour-long classes we also host extended 2-hour training sessions for both our Gymnastics and Ninja Knights movement programs on evenings and weekends.

Not only are the 2-hour classes a great way to progress quickly through the awards scheme, but they also provide the extra time necessary to develop the strength, conditioning and flexibility required for even more advanced and specialist skills, such as tumbling, twisting and aerials.

What to expect

During each weekly 2-hour class our expert coaches support each child’s development as they progress through a gymnastics or ninja knights program, mastering superhero flying tricks.

From beginners to more advanced students, every class is tailored to build on each child’s own development and learning journey. 2-hour classes follow our unique programme and in-house award scheme, giving children a well-balanced experience of all gymnastics or ninja elements.

Expert coaches monitor every child’s progress and development. So, children can look forward to achieving certificates and awards during club week as they master the moves necessary to advance onto higher levels.

How to join

Check 2-hour class availability by selecting your local club on the club location page, then select the club’s timetable to view all the classes where you’ll be able to see the available 2-hour classes.

To join online today, follow our easy booking process. Follow our guide on how to join Gymfinity in just 5 minutes!

Existing members please contact us to upgrade your child’s class today.

Please note, 2-hour classes are for children aged 4.5 years + only and limited spaces are available, all 2-hour classes are grouped by age and ability.

*Even better, for our 2-hour classes, the additional hour is only half the current selling class price!

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