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Gymnastics Competitions

Ready, steady, GO!

At Gymfinity Kids, we offer each and every child the opportunity to take part in competitions to help motivate them to be the best they can be, and celebrate their achievements!

Our competitions are usually segmented by level, activity and/or age groups, but we host ‘all levels’ competitions regularly. These ‘all levels’ competitions are open to all children above the age of 4.5 years regardless of their level.

Our Squads also have competitions between clubs and also with clubs outside of the Gymfinity community. To become a member of our Gymnastic Squads, coaches monitor children’s progression and will invite those who could potentially be suitable – find out more below.

At our competitions, all children will get to perform a set routine in front of a judging panel and we award medals to all children who place Bronze, Silver and Gold. Family and friends are more than welcome to come along to spectate and celebrate their child’s achievements with us!

Our expert coaches make it their top priority to help each and every child feel confident during competition day. Our DBS-checked coaching team fully supervise all competitions, they are skilled professionals in coaching and teaching, as well as being first aid trained.

In the lead-up to competitions, we run training sessions and workshops for children to learn and practice routines. These will be communicated to you in club and via email once these extra sessions are available to book.

*All children who compete must wear either a Gymfinity Kids leotard or Ninja Knights top. We advise all parents and guardians to purchase uniforms at reception promptly to avoid any last-minute unavailability.

Upcoming Competitions Dates

Ninja Showdown 4.5yrs+ (in-house)
Competition Date: Sunday 23rd June 2024
Location: Speak to your club reception for your showdown location

For this fun and friendly competition, the children will perform brand new routines created by our governing body, IGA, in front of a judging panel. Children will be learning the routine within their sessions leading up to the competition and will have the support of a coach on the day.

Upcoming Competitions Dates (Squad)

Levels: 10-9
Competition Date:
Sunday 19th May 2024

The Squad gymnasts are invited to attend and compete against Squad gymnasts across 9 clubs. They will also be competing against non-Gymfinity Kids gymnasts. All of the judges will be IGA trained to make sure scores are accurate and all gymnasts have the opportunity to pass their level.


Squad Competitions

At Gymfinity Kids, we have groups of advanced gymnasts who compete in a team, otherwise known as a Squad. The team represents their club and Gymfinity Kids at competitions and events across the UK.

Coaches will talent-identify throughout all classes. They are constantly on the lookout for gymnasts who have the potential to join the Squad team. Our award schemes and internal competitions are a great way for children to demonstrate their skills, and if coaches believe they have Squad potential, they will issue a ‘You’ve been spotted’ card.

Being part of a Squad means being part of an amazing team that will push gymnasts to new heights and beyond.

There’s no pressure to join the squads – it’s not for everyone as it requires a big commitment in terms of time and training. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, increased training hours, out-of-the gym competitions and events. Parents will need to sign a gymnastics team agreement.

Our Squad members must also wear the correct uniform to all competitions and events.

We will let parents know if we spot the potential and ultimately leave the decision to the parent and child on whether to join the squads. If you wish to discuss increased training with the aim of joining Squads, please speak to your coach in club.

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