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Advanced Workshops

Workshops, Masterclasses, Crash Courses & More!

Perfect your child’s gymnastics skills in our fun advanced sessions!

At Gymfinity Kids we really enjoy teaching gymnastics and ninja classes, but what we love even more is having fun perfecting these skills in our advanced sessions. Every school holiday, we put on a schedule that runs alongside usual classes and our holiday camps – this schedule will be packed with workshops, masterclasses, camps and crash courses to help hone skills and spend time focusing on certain techniques.

We make sure that these sessions are crammed full of fun that will help your child burn energy, learn new skills, spend time with new and old friends, and increase confidence in their capabilities.

Some sessions are kept in small groups to ensure that the coach gets to spend time with your child. The sessions are always on a first come, first served basis so be sure to book quickly when the schedule gets released!

What advanced sessions are on offer?

The advanced sessions that are held in school holidays vary from club to club, but we usually offer gymnastic or ninja sessions that have a theme and a focus i.e. floor and beam, tumbling, flips and tricks. The clubs that offer Dance Mash-Up will sometimes host a Dance Camp as well.
Some advanced sessions will be open to all levels and ages, whilst others will be specifically for certain levels i.e. beginner, intermediate, advanced or squad-level.

See below to find out more about the advanced sessions we offer at Gymfinity Kids:

Masterclasses: A full session with the focus on the children having the opportunity to try something new that they may not have tried before in club, for example, a tumbling masterclass. Limited spaces to ensure that the children get time with the coach to work on the skills. Take a look at a tumbling masterclass session to see what the children get up to!
Masterclasses are usually 2 hours long.

Workshop: Workshops will focus on improving skills that members may already have or introducing new skills if possible. Ultimately, these workshops are to help members perfect and refine skills.
Workshops are usually 2 hours long.

Crash Courses: Every crash course will have a theme and will be either 3 hours per day over 3 days or 3 hours per day over 2 days. The Crash Courses will include a performance element that the members will work towards over the course. Parents will be invited to come into club and watch the performances in the last hour of the final course day.

Dance Camp: This camp will be held at clubs that offer Dance Mash-Up Classes (please check the timetables to see if your club offers dance). Children will explore fun new routines and original choreography with our dance teachers. Not only will they learn new moves, but games will feature throughout the camp that will help your child build confidence and increase their team-building skills.
Dance camps are usually 2 or 3 days. 

Squad Camp: This camp for Squad members can be either a half day (3 hours) or a full day (4+ hours), and will ensure all squad members are catered for despite of level. Camps will help hone skills and in some cases, give the children the chance to try new skills.

Other available advanced sessions:

1:1 Sessions: We offer 1:1 sessions with our experienced coaches. These make a brilliant way to lay the building blocks to hone the skills and techniques that will get your child to higher levels. These dedicated hour-long sessions provide excellent personal coaching where you can often see skills improve drastically in one session! Find out more.

Award or Competition Intensive Workshops: Award Intensives are usually during the school break before Award Week. These workshops will be split according to level and give the children the chance to practice skills in order to complete levels ahead of Award Week. Find out more about our Award Scheme and Award Week.

Competition Intensive Workshops will run before some competitions i.e. the Christmas All Levels Competition. This will give them the opportunity for children to practice their routine and prepare for the competition day. Find out more about our competitions.

2-hour Classes: If your child is looking for longer training sessions, consider seeing if there’s a 2-hour class at your club! Not only are the 2-hour classes a great way to progress quickly through the awards scheme, but they also provide the extra time necessary to develop the strength, conditioning and flexibility required for even more advanced and specialist skills. Find out more.

Our experienced coaching teams lead the sessions and parents are invited to watch from our viewing areas in club.

Our DBS-checked coaching team fully supervise all workshops, masterclasses, crash course and camps. They’re skilled professionals in coaching and teaching gymnastics and ninja, as well as being fully first-aid trained.

Please note that limited spaces are available on advanced sessions and will be issued on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to book a workshop, speak to your club’s reception or get in touch with our Member Service team:

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