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Gymfinity Kids, Beehive Centre, Cambridge, CB1 3ER

Somersault into the best Gymnastics and Ninja club in Cambridge

At Gymfinity Kids we host weekly Gymnastics, Ninja and Dance classes for children of all levels form babies to 16 years. We’re that confident you’ll live our classes they first ‘taster session’ is free. Join now and select a class with ‘taster sessions available’.

Our Gymnastics, Ninja, Dance  and preschool classes are great fun and teach new skills, build confidence and are a great place to make new friends. We also host birthday parties and holiday camps so being active has never been easier. Our monthly membership guarantees your child’s class week in, week out.

From pre-school to gymnastics and ninja classes as well as dance classes birthday parties and holiday camps, as well as our on-site nursery, our experts know that all movement is good for making us feel great. Our monthly membership guarantees your child’s class, week in, and week out.

We offer classes for all ages, from toddlers from walking up to 16-year-old teens. We welcome boys and girls of all abilities, from those who have never been to a gymnastic or ninja class before to those who are looking for a structured club to compete in.

Joining a gymnastic club for kids is an exciting activity that your child will enjoy. Gymnastics involves strength and flexibility training to develop skills in running, jumping, and climbing. Joining our gymnastic classes will also teach children how to interact with each other while learning new skills. Enrolling in our classes will provide children with the opportunity to develop confidence, fitness, and agility that both young boys and girls can cultivate into adulthood.

We believe that childhood should be about having fun, and our classes will help your child to build strength, coordination, and confidence – all while making new friends along the way.

We have been an integral part of the Cambridge community for many years, with many boys and girls coming from various nearby areas: Mill Road, Chestertown, Barnwell, Newtown, Petersfield, and more.

With over 10 years of experience in the health & fitness industry working as a Personal Trainer as well as a qualified fitness instructor (and Disney Princess), Cambridge Club Manager, Karly, shares why she’s so passionate about her role:

“I’ve always enjoyed exercising, from athletics and football to aerial fitness – I’m a firm believer that physical activity is great for making us feel good! Our gymnastics, ninja and preschool programs have such a positive effect on children’s social interaction, mindfulness and confidence as well as flexibility and strength.”

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Our In-House Award Scheme

Our gymnastics award scheme is a structured program that aims to help our young gymnasts progress through different levels of skills and techniques. The skills are categorised into different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The skills in each level build upon those in the previous level, with increasing difficulty and complexity.

The beginner level includes skills such as forward and backward rolls, jumps, and basic support and balance positions on various apparatus, such as the beam, bars, and floor.

The intermediate level includes more challenging skills, such as handstands, cartwheels, and more complex swings and releases on the bars.

The advanced level includes tumbling passes, such as round-off flicks and somersaults, and more difficult skills on the bars, such as cast to handstands and undershoots with turns.

Our award scheme is designed to provide a structured approach to skill development and progression, helping our little gymnasts to build a solid foundation of fundamental skills before moving on to more advanced techniques.

For more information, please visit our award scheme page.


Lots for children to do


Leap, roll and tumble into a gymnastics movement program led by experienced specialist coaches as well as our Movement Ambassador, Coach Imogen.
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Ninja Knights

From the first ninja flip to mastering the vertical wall, fun weekly classes combine a mixture of martial arts and freestyle movement.
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Holiday Camps

Active holiday camps have been designed to inspire energetic bodies to get moving during the school breaks, (non-members are welcome too).

Dance Classes

Children will master the dance moves from a mix of genres, classes are designed to keep children active and having great fun at the same time.

Cambridge Preschool

It all starts with the pre-school movement program, inspiring a passion for wellbeing, which we hope lasts a lifetime.

Cambridge Birthday Parties

We throw the best parties, our state-of-the-art club is the top party venue to get children moving!

Don’t take our word for it

What our customers say...

Amazing facilities and staff, kids love it
Ethan Roper
Ethan Roper
Great facility and staff are always so friendly. My children love coming here
Fantastic gymnastics club !Coaches, regardless of coaching level (from beginners to performance teams), are extremely dedicated and enthusiastic. The management team is approachable and open to discussion.The premises are clean and pleasant.Customer service is adaptable and can provide a variety of possibilities, such as holiday camps, workshops, and crash courses.You have the option to move classes to more convenient days, which is extremely handy for parents whose work schedules fluctuate.Children appear to like their time there. To my observation, there is a right balance between enjoyable activities and focused training.We had a really pleasant experience in general with Cambridge Gymfinity !
Nice place for kids , best trainers
raja sekhar
raja sekhar
Well run and clean
Ian Yates
Ian Yates
Both my kids go here for different activities- the staff are fantastic... especially with my son who has additional needs.A great place for kids to keep fit and excel!
Mel bates
Mel bates
Lovely to see the children enjoying themselves!
Sue Hurry
Sue Hurry
Andrea Barp
Andrea Barp
Great place with awesome activities
Tom Britton
Tom Britton
Instructors are all great with the kids. My daughter really looks forward to going every week.
My daughter attends the Development Squad for 6 hours a week and activity competes. She has been in love with the club for almost 4 years and its the highlight of the week for her.
Karl Williams
Karl Williams
Our daughter justfinished her first year in the Gymfinity kids and she is still same excited every session like the first time. The coaches are friendly and helpful.
Attila Kovács
Attila Kovács


For a party they will never forget, it has to be Gymfinity Kids

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Our Gymnastics and Ninja Holiday camps are great fun.

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Parking and Address Information

Our Cambridge club is located in the Beehive Centre and is surrounded by shops, restaurants and cafes. There is also an on-site café available in the club. The Cambridge club has free parking (up to 4 hours) – please enter your registration at reception in order to have unlimited free parking for the day.

Gymfinity Kids, Beehive Centre, Cambridge, CB1 3ER
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Opening Hours

  • Mon 11AM - 8PM
  • Tue 10AM - 9PM
  • Wed-Fri 10AM - 8PM
  • Sat 8AM - 2PM
  • Sun 9AM - 2PM

*Clubs may open later on a weekend for parties

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