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1:1 Sessions

Hone skills & techniques fast…

1:1 sessions with our experienced coaches make a brilliant way to lay the building blocks to hone the skills and techniques that will get your child to higher levels.

These dedicated hour-long sessions provide excellent personal coaching where you can often see skills improve drastically in one session!

1:1 sessions can really help your child make progress as the coach has the chance to watch their techniques carefully and break down skills to help the child perform to the best of their abilities.

These sessions can fit in so much practice on either a variety of skills or one in particular. Repetition and tailoring the training to the child is key to helping drill them to perfection, without sacrificing the fun and support that Gymfinity is known for of course!

Additional Information

If your child is new to gymnastics or ninja, then as many 1:1
sessions as possible are recommended! Especially if they wish to
develop skills quickly.

Ideally, an experienced Gymfinity member would attend a 1:1
session once a month, or even every 3-6 months. These sessions
can act as a focused checkup on their progression.

Coaches will be focused on one child in these sessions so they
won’t miss a thing and can pick up on the smallest tweaks to help
them improve. They get to watch skills repeatedly and work
together to perfect them as they have a full hour to get the child
to focus.

We have assembled a team of experienced coaching experts

We have assembled a team of experienced coaching experts, who have developed our unique movement programmes and support delivering them daily. With over 400 years of sports coaching experience combined, a high standard of coaching is just the start!

We want every child to adore being active so we cater for all ages and abilities. Whether your child wants to learn how to somersault or perfect a cartwheel, master a new skill or channel boundless energy into something productive, our classes, 1:1 sessions and unique awards scheme can help any child improve and progress, balancing development and fun in equal measure.

Find out more about how movement is embedded in everything we do at Gymfinity Kids.

How to book a 1:1

If you wish to book a 1:1 session for your child, please get in touch
with your club’s reception or contact Member Services at

Pricing for 1:1 sessions for 2023:

  • Wandsworth and Walton-on-Thames: £45
  • All other clubs: £35

Available for Gymfinity Kids members only.

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