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About Gymfinity Kids


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Get ready for gymnastics and ninja competitions!

Ready, steady, GO! At Gymfinity Kids we host friendly in-house competitions every year for members at all our clubs.

Gymfinity Kids Competitions

At Gymfinity Kids, we want to offer each and every child the opportunity to take part in competitions.

These include set routines performed in front of a judging panel. As well as the exciting opportunity for children to showcase their skills in front of family and friends. We invite families to spectate and celebrate their child’s achievements with us.

We celebrate all developments at Gymfinity Kids. Whether that’s an increase in confidence, your child is making friends or has mastered a technical move. So, we award medals for all children who take part as well as those who place Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Alongside their regular weekly session and open gym, we run free training sessions for children to learn and practice routines. Our coaches make it their top priority to help every child feel confident during the competition day.

All children who compete must wear either a Gymfinity Kids leotard or Ninja Knights top. Please note, we advise all parents and guardians to purchase uniforms at reception promptly to avoid any last-minute unavailability.

Our DBS-checked coaching team fully supervise all competitions. They’re skilled professionals in coaching and teaching, as well as being first aid trained.

Gymfinity Kids Competition events:

Beginners Gymnastics and Little Ninja Event

Intermediate Gymnastics and Ninja Champs Event

Advanced Gymnastics, Squads and Ninja Razor Event

All Level Gymnastics and Ninja Event

If you would like to register your interest in future competitions, please contact your local reception team.

Squad Competitions

At Gymfinity Kids we have a group of young advanced gymnasts who compete in squads. They represent our club at competitions and events across the UK. We’re so proud of our teams who go above and beyond performing in competitions, winning medals and trophies across the board.

Being on our Gymfinity Kids squad requires an extra commitment from gymnasts and parents beyond their weekly session. Children will be required to attend additional training hours during the week and parents will need to sign a gymnastics team agreement.

All gymnasts are also subject to a three-month trial period, whilst they are assessed by the coaching team. For further information on squads, please speak with a member of our team directly.

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