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Packed with energy, spirit and fun

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About Gymnastics

Our gymnastics clubs for kids are packed with energy, spirit and fun. We’ve hopped around gymnastics centres across Europe to the USA, seeking out world-leaders in children’s development and gymnastics to create the very best lesson plans.

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In Partnership With UK Gymnastics

Beginner Gymnastics

Suitable for: 4½ years – 11 years

This club is perfect for kids who have little to no experience in gymnastics. The aim is to move on to higher skilled techniques including forward and backward rollovers, roundoffs and cartwheels on beams. In this class the kids rotate around the equipment, which includes beams, bars, obstacles, floor and vault to learn basic gymnastic skills, such as rolling, jumping, landing, cartwheels, handstands and more. All kids work towards our START MOVES progressional programme.

Intermediate Gymnastics

Suitable for 5 – 14 years

This club is perfect for kids who have mastered the basics of gymnastics already. So, they will be confident in rolling, jumping, cartwheels and handstands. In this class the gymnasts rotate around the equipment learning more advanced tumbling and elements as they work towards our SMART MOVES progressional programme.

Advanced Gymnastics (Invite Only)

Suitable for: 7 – 14 years

This club is purely for kids at an advanced level in gymnastics. If you feel like your kid is ready they will have a trial with one of our lead instructors and be invited to join the class. In the class gymnasts perform to higher level skills on the equipment and more advanced conditioning and flexibility work. They will learn more advanced skills such as roundoff flicks, somersaults and full bar routine. All gymnasts work towards our SMART MOVES progressional programme.

Team Gymnastics

This club is for gymnasts who have been invited to do higher-level gymnastics and train more than once per week. Gymnasts invited into this group work towards the UK gymnastics competitive programme, and may also work towards displays, routines, and higher level awards. A major part of this programme involves physical preparation, conditioning, and committing to more hours.

In House Award Scheme

Each class is part of our unique programme and in-house award scheme, which gives kids a well-balanced experience of all gymnastic elements. Plus, they can track their improvement in their own award booklets and look forward to getting certificates as they raise their abilities!

Other activities

Teen Gym
For girls and boys aged 11+ this club is perfect for those who want to work towards learning new skills, in a safe environment, whilst making new friends & building confidence.

Adult Gym
You’ve seen your kids on all the equipment and now it’s your turn! Get fit, flexible and stronger, join us for this coach supported, fun fitness class.

1-2-1 Classes
At Gymfinity Kids, members can book private 1-2-1 classes in addition to their regular weekly session. These classes give kids the opportunity to perfect any gymnastics or ninja skills they wish, spend extra time in our state-of-the-art gym and learn from their favourite coach. Book as a one-off booster class or a series of classes which follow our awards scheme. To enquire about booking a 1-2-1 class for your child, please contact our member services team at info@gymfintiykids.com.

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