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Ninja Knights

Unleash your child's inner Ninja

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Welcome Our Ninja Knights Classes

Benefits include: focuses energy, develops social skills such as respect and responsibility, and boosts confidence.
View our Ninja Knights video here. 

Our Ninja Knights classes are designed to help children channel their boundless energy into something productive.

This fun and energetic class combine a mix of martial arts, freestyle movement and gymnastics. Every one-hour session includes warm-ups, games and rotations adapted to each child’s ability, plus a fun ninja obstacle course. As their skill and ability grow, each child will advance through the different levels.

The sessions are so much fun that the kids won’t even realise that they are picking up essential life lessons such as respecting others, taking responsibility and the importance of a work ethic. All extremely vital social skills they can use in the outside world.

We know from experience that as their skills improve, their confidence grows, and each session adds positive experiences into their weekly routine. Join our ninja class today!

Read our coronavirus safety guidelines.

Ninja 3yrs-4.5yrs

Within our specially designed ninja gym, this course is the perfect ninja class for our pre-school toddlers. An independent, fun and structured class, the aim is to work towards learning new skills, building confidence and making new friends in a safe and supported class.

Ninja 4.5yrs – 6.5yrs

This lesson is perfect for kids who have mastered the ninja basic already. Our Ninja 4.5yrs – 6.5yrs classes are made up of a combination of gymnastics, martial arts and parkour. The aim is to move onto higher skilled techniques and working towards the first levels of our ninja award scheme. Our experience tells us that as kids grow their skills and their confidence grows too.

Ninja 7yrs – 9yrs

As their skills and abilities grow, kids advance through the different levels, with this club taking your kids Ninja skills to the next level. Working towards our ninja award scheme, they will work on both the gymnastics & ninja equipment to grow strength, flexibility and co-ordination in this structured progressive class.

Ninja 10yrs+

Each one-hour session is filled with a mixture of martial arts, freestyle movement and gymnastics activities. Ninja 10yrs+ is the highest level in our ninja school programme, where children work towards the more advanced levels, focusing on kicks, twists and flicks. Your child will be training to become the most qualified people in Ninja martial arts, parkour and gymnastics.

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