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Beth Tweddle Gymnastics Migration to Gymfinity Kids

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We are very much looking forward to bringing all the Beth Tweddle Gymnastics sites and members into Gymfinity Kids this July. We wish to take a moment to introduce Gymfinity Kids and tell you a bit about what we do and our mission, plus give you some important information about the upcoming migration.

Gymfinity Kids: Our Mission 

We are passionate about activity and the advantages it brings to children, both physically and mentally. Our purpose at Gymfinity Kids is to lay the foundations for a happier, healthier nation as we know that by encouraging children to be more active from a young age, they will feel the benefits as they grow.  

We have a unique approach to inspiring children to adopt healthy habits – by feeling and seeing how much joy it can bring, it transforms their attitude to staying active, which will stay with them for life. 

At the core of everything we do, we ensure that our interactive classes are engaging, inspiring, motivating and uplifting. Increasing self-confidence, helping children make new friends and having FUN are all brilliant by-products of our activity classes. Seeing the children make core memories in our clubs and demonstrate fantastic skills and achievements (no matter how big or small!) spurs us along in our mission. 

You may notice some similarities between Beth Tweddle Gymnastics and Gymfinity Kids, such as the Values Recognition Scheme. We have been aligning our clubs over the year to ensure all locations are optimized to deliver the best experience for your child’s development. And we plan on bringing even more to the clubs after the migration! 

The Migration

We are expecting to have Beth Tweddle Gymnastics members fully transferred over to Gymfinity Kids during the week of 15th July 2024. Your classes this week will not be affected by the migration. 

Sunday 14th July will be your last full day of access to your Beth Tweddle Gymnastics account. When the migration kicks off in the week commencing 15th July, you will no longer have access to your Beth Tweddle Gymnastics account.  

As soon as you have been successfully migrated over, your account will solely be hosted on Gymfinity Kids and you will receive an email containing instructions on next steps, which we have outlined below. 


Once we have successfully migrated your account, you will receive an email from Gymfinity Kids that will ask you to ‘reset’ your password. This is so you can set a password and access your account. 

Once you have entered your email and hit ‘reset password’, you will then receive another email that will give you a personal link to set your new password. Please do not share this link with anyone. 

You’ll then be prompted to log in and you will then need to do the following steps to complete your Gymfinity Kids account:  

  1. Sign the waiver for your child/children.  
  2. Adjust your communication preferences (please note, if you opt out, you may miss communications regarding events and news in club).
  3. Complete your payment details. 
  4. Once you have completed your payment details, you can view your next billing date by navigating to the ‘Classes’ section of the parent portal. 

We will circulate instructional videos that will give you a tour of your parent portal and the various functions that will be available to you. 

We will also send you a reminder of the above actions required to access your new account. 


Please add your payment details to Gymfinity Kids once you have access but do not cancel your Beth Tweddle Gymnastics direct debit.

Once you have confirmed your card details, we will cancel your direct debit for you to make sure you aren’t charged twice. You will not need to cancel your direct debit to Beth Tweddle Gymnastics.

You will need payment details added to your Gymfinity Kids account as soon as possible after the migration to ensure your membership stays live.

Gymfinity Kids and Beth Tweddle Gymnastics team members are on hand in club to chat with you about the migration, and we will send further reminders about payment details and account access.

Your child’s class will continue to be on the same day and time – no change will be made to the existing Beth Tweddle Gymnastics class timetable. Please be reassured that ensuring your child continues to have the same great experience is our top priority

Please continue to contact the Beth Tweddle Gymnastics customer service for any enquiries until further notice: or 01619790611.

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