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Children's Dance Mash-Up Classes at Gymfinity Kids Cambridge

Fun and Engaging Dance Classes in Cambridge – Enrol now!

Are you looking for a unique and exciting activity to help keep your child active? Look no further! At Cambridge Gymfinity Kids Club, we offer engaging Dance Mash-up classes that will have your child strap on their dancing shoes and learn different dance styles, moves and skills!

Our state-of-the-art club is the perfect venue to get your child dancing and nurture them to love the art of dance. Your child will get to try a wide variety of dance styles across the year, from Musical Theatre and Salsa to Hip Hop and Lyrical Dance. Dancers will have a blast learning a particular dance style for 6 – 8 weeks to really hone movements and skills before performing the learnt routines to parents every half-term during our Show Week.

They will learn professionally choreographed routines, enjoy dance-based games, and practice corner work to perfect motor skills and balance, all while having fun with their friends in a lively and supportive environment!

Watch our dance classes in action

Dance Classes tailored for kids of all ages.

At Cambridge Gymfinity Kids Club, we offer Dance Mash-Up classes tailored for two distinct age groups, ensuring a suitable and enjoyable learning environment for all.

Our younger dancers aged 4.5 – 7 years, embark on a fun-filled journey of dance, games to help build confidence and skills and team-building activities. Meanwhile, our 8+ years age group delves deeper into the dance genre, exploring the more complex moves of the dance styles.

Both age groups will learn new moves to professionally choreographed routines, but we ensure that the skill level is appropriate for the age group all the while nurturing their love for dance in a positive learning environment.

Gymfinity Dance Classes: Where Movement Meets Growth

Our Dance Mash-Up classes, curated by our professional Dance Instructor, Rachel, offers a wealth of benefits to children. Not only do these classes provide a fantastic outlet for creative expression, but they also significantly contribute to a child’s physical development, enhancing motor skills, flexibility, and coordination.

The structured learning environment fosters discipline while the group setting promotes social interaction, teamwork, and friendship. The children will explore what makes a particular dance style, from certain footwork, arm work, body movement, spins, body isolations, shoulder shimmies, rolls, and even hand styling. They will experience a wide variety of music (get ready for those show tunes in Musical Theatre!) and learn how different movements and music go together to produce works of art.

Learning and mastering new dance routines boosts self-confidence and provides a sense of achievement. Through dance, children also explore different musical genres and cultures, broadening their horizons in an enjoyable and active manner.

Ready to set your child on a path of fun, fitness, and creativity? Looking to help your child embrace their love of dance? Use the contact form below or call us on [insert club number] to enrol your child in our vibrant Dance Mash-up classes and watch them twirl into a brighter, happier world!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of enrolling in the dance classes?

Please see our live timetable to view the cost of the dance mashup classes in your chosen club. You can filter according to age and activity on the timetable – click on the class you’re interested in and you will see the cost per class, per month (classes differ in pricing according to age, level and activity). You can sign up directly from the timetable. We also offer FREE tasters which you’ll be able to book via the timetable as well.

What should my child wear to the class?

All children need to be dressed in something comfortable that allows movement without obstruction. Children can go barefoot in class or wear socks with grips on the bottom.

Can children with special needs participate in the classes?

Yes, our classes welcome all children of different ages and abilities. Our dance teachers are trained to support all children of all ages. Just ensure you book the correct class on the timetable for your child’s age.

Are the Dance classes graded?

Currently, we are not grading the children on their dance skills. This may be something we look to do in the future, but for now, it’s all about introducing dance to the children, ensuring they have fun whilst also learning new skills and improving confidence.

How are parents kept informed about class updates and events?

Please opt into the communications and marketing preferences to receive all updates so you don’t miss out on any exciting news and events, such as the Show Week where you will watch your child perform!

What Dance styles will my child do?

There will be different dance styles from musical theatre all the way to salsa being taught to children, allowing them to learn new skills. The dance styles will change every 6-8 weeks to give them a real deep dive into the dance style and get to grips with what makes the dances so different yet so special

Parking and Address Information

Our Cambridge club is located in the Beehive Centre and is surrounded by shops, restaurants and cafes. There is also an on-site café available in the club. The Cambridge club has free parking (up to 4 hours) – please enter your registration at reception in order to have unlimited free parking for the day.

Gymfinity Kids, Beehive Centre, Cambridge, CB1 3ER
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  • Mon 11AM - 8PM
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  • Sun 9AM - 2PM

*Clubs may open later on a weekend for parties

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