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Leap, roll and tumble into a gymnastics movement program designed by our Gymnastics Ambassador, Olympian and World Champion Gymnast, Beth Tweddle. From the first forward roll to mastering the bars, our fun weekly classes aim to build confidence and friendships whilst inspiring children to progress and develop through our unique awards scheme.
Movement is good for making us feel great, so we have designed our programs to have a core focus on building flexibility, strength and coordination, as well as feel-good fundamentals such as team building, mindfulness, confidence and body positivity.

All classes are grouped by age and level. Unless your child has previous gymnastics experience, we recommend joining a beginner’s class. Find out more on how to join here.

Beginner Gymnastics

Suitable for: 4½ years – 11 years

Beginners Gymnastics is a great starting point for children who have little to no experience in gymnastics. The aim is to move on to higher skilled techniques as children gain confidence and progress, including forward and backward rollovers, roundoffs and cartwheels on beams.

In order to gain experience practicing moves, children will rotate around the apparatus during their sessions. Traditional gymnastics equipment includes beams, bars, sprung floor and a vault to learn the foundations of gymnastics, such as: rolling, jumping, landing, cartwheels, handstands and more.

Intermediate Gymnastics

Suitable for 5 – 14 years

Intermediate classes are for children who have mastered the basics of gymnastics and feel confident in performing rolls, jumps, cartwheels and handstands. In this class, gymnasts rotate around the equipment learning more advanced tumbling and other specialist elements. Intermediate classes inspire children, developing their technique and completing each level in the program.

Advanced Gymnastics
(Invite Only)

Classes suitable for children aged 7 years old +

In advanced classes gymnasts train to master higher level skills on the equipment and more advanced conditioning and flexibility work, learning more advanced skills such as roundoff flicks, somersaults and a full bar routine.

Before joining an advanced class, one of the lead coaches will invite your child to attend a trial class first. However, if you feel like your child is ready to move up to and advanced class please contact our team to have a conversation with their coach.

Team Gymnastics
(Invite Only)

At Gymfinity Kids we know that being part of a team can be great fun.

Team classes are for gymnasts who have been invited to do higher-level gymnastics and train more than once a week. Gymnasts invited into this group work towards the UK gymnastics competitive programme and will train to represent Gymfinity Kids in displays and routines.

Being a part of the gymnastics squad requires training together on a regular basis throughout the week, encouraging, supporting and having fun building something together.

In House Award Scheme

At Gymfinity Kids all developments big and small are celebrated. Our specialist coaching team have created a unique award scheme that puts wellbeing at the heart of developing kids, supporting happy, healthy futures.

All movement programs are structured and divided into skill stages. As children attend their weekly class, they are provided with a well-balanced experience of all movement elements as they grow and develop through each level.

Through each child’s development, we award medals, certificates and stickers helping them showcase their development, progress and achievements through movement and physical activity.

Other Activities

2 Hour Gymnastics

Classes suitable for children aged 4.5 years +

At Gymfinity Kids we know how much kids love being active. So, as well as regular hour-long classes we also host extended 2-hour training sessions for both our Gymnastics and Ninja Knights programs on evenings and weekends.

Not only are the 2-hour classes a great way to progress quickly through the awards scheme, but they also provide the extra time necessary to develop the strength, conditioning and flexibility required for even more advanced and specialist skills, such as tumbling, twisting and aerials. Find out more here.

1-2-1 Classes

At Gymfinity Kids, members can book private 1-2-1 movement classes in addition to their regular weekly session.

1-2-1 classes give children the opportunity to perfect any gymnastics or ninja skills they wish, spend extra time in our state-of-the-art gym and learn from their favourite expert coach.

Parents can book as a one-off booster class or a series of classes which follow our awards scheme. To enquire about booking a 1-2-1 class for your child, please contact our member services team.

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