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Preschool Gymnastic Chatham - Under 5 Classes

Chatham Under 5 Classes

Welcome to our world of fun and fitness! Gymfinity Kids is dedicated to providing quality gymnastics lessons for pre-schoolers. Our experienced coaches help little ones up to the age of 4.5 years old develop coordination, strength, and confidence through engaging and age-appropriate activities.

Whether your child is just starting out or looking to build on their skills, we’ve got the perfect program to help them grow and flourish.

Why don’t you book a FREE taster session in our Chatham club today and see the benefits our classes can bring to your little one?

Why try our preschooler gymnastic lessons?

Our movement program for preschoolers (from the moment they can walk up to 4.5 years old) is designed to meet their specific developmental needs. Our classes are a fun and engaging way for your little ones to:

  • Improve gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Enhance physical strength and flexibility
  • Stimulate cognitive development through playful activities
  • Foster social interaction and teamwork
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem as they master new skills
  • Encourage a love of physical activity from a young age.

Join us and give your child the foundation they need for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Why choose Gymfinity Kids

Our experienced and qualified coaches are dedicated to providing the best gymnastics experience for pre-schoolers in the Chatham area. They are passionate about helping children develop and succeed, and their expertise will ensure that your child receives the best possible instruction.

At our facilities, your child’s safety is our top priority. Our facilities are well-maintained and equipped with appropriate equipment for young children, and our staff is trained to provide a safe and supportive environment.

In addition to quality instruction and a safe environment, we offer convenient class times and an ideal location near the Odeon cinema to meet the needs of busy families.

Our focus on inclusivity ensures that all children feel welcomed and encouraged to reach their full potential and our commitment to quality guarantees that your child will receive the highest standard of gymnastics education.

We have been an integral part of the Chatham Gymnastic scene for many years, with many children coming from various neighbourhoods: St Mary Island, Brompton, Gillingham, Rochester, Upper Upnor, Medway and more.

Enrol your child today and see the difference that our gymnastics classes can make in their development.

Some of the most frequently asked questions from Chatham residents

How many children are there per class?

Our classes vary between 1-15 in our parent and child classes to 1-6 for our preschool independent and mini ninja classes.

What qualifications do the coaches have?

All of our coaches go through the Gymfinity Kids internal training programme to gain coaching qualifications that are recognised by IGA. They all attend monthly training and quarterly audits to ensure standards are met. Some of our coaches also have their own external qualifications when they arrive with us.

How is safety ensured during classes?

Safety is a big priority at Gymfinity Kids. We have specific equipment for our youngest members which allows them to have lots of fun through our sessions whilst remaining safe. Our experienced coaches are all trained, are DBS checked and we always have a member of staff trained in first aid on site along with staff that have received safeguarding training. This is overseen for the company by our Head of Health and Safety.

Is there a specific curriculum followed?

For our youngest Preschool members (walking – 2years) the lessons are all about learning through play. We help to develop them physically and emotionally and this is all taken at their own pace. When they move into our next class (2.5 – 3.5 years old) they will start to work towards our in-house award scheme that has been designed to focus on the following:

  • Balance and weight baring
  • Action
  • Co-ordination and locomotor skills

Read more about our in-house award scheme here.

What is the age range for the classes?

Our Preschool classes in Chatham cater for those of walking age through to 4.5 years old. Our youngest class is for those of walking age to 2 years and the parent must be always with them on the gym floor.  

Our next Preschool class up is suitable for those aged 2 – 3.5 years old and again, parents must be on the gym floor with their child). Our oldest Preschool class is for those aged 3 years to 4.5 years. In these classes, parents do not need to be on the gym floor with their child, but they must remain in club throughout the club in case your child needs assistance with going to the toilet.  

Once your child is 4.5 years old, they can then graduate to our beginner recreational gymnastics and ninja classes! 

What sort of exercises will the children learn?

The children will learn cartwheels, balancing, bunny hops, half handstands, roly-poly’s, jumping, star jumps, bouncing and much more! Our classes are designed to introduce them to the gym floor and get them active in the most fun and engaging way possible. Our coaches demonstrate each exercise and circuit before assisting the children through the exercises.

What kind of equipment is used in the classes?

They will get to use a variety of equipment across the gym floor. From the beams and bar to trampolines, the AirTrack and ninja obstacle course. They will also use bean bags, foam blocks and hula hoops to help develop their motor skills. A coach will assist them with the equipment and show them how to safely use each piece of apparatus.

Can parents observe the classes?

Yes, if the child is 3 years old or older, parents can observe the class from our viewing area. If the child is younger than 3 years old, parents must be on the gym floor to assist their child during the session.

What is the cost of classes?

The costs of classes depend on the time and age group of the class. Chatham Preschool class prices start from £7.99please head to Chatham’s timetable to view the class costs.

What is the process for enrolling my child?

All you need to do is navigate to the Chatham timetable and select the class you wish to book your child into and follow the simple steps to enrol your child. 

You can filter the timetable according to age and activity on the timetable – click on the class you’re interested in, and you will see the cost per class (classes differ in pricing according to age, level and activity). You can sign up directly from the timetable. We also offer FREE tasters which you’ll be able to book via the timetable as well.  

View Chatham’s Preschool timetable here

What should my child wear to class?

We recommend your child wears shorts and a t-shirt, leggings and a t-shirt or a leotard. Please don’t wear loose-fitting clothing.  If you decide to become a member, there is a great selection of Gymfinity activewear available to purchase at reception. Please note:   

  • Please tie back long hair. 
  • Please don’t wear jewellery – if ears have recently been pierced, they must be covered up with tape or plasters . 
  • Please remember to bring along a water bottle labelled with your child’s name. No food is allowed on the activity floor. 
  • We have toilets at the club and would encourage children to go before the class starts, if possible.  
  • To keep our club in great condition, we ask that no footwear is worn on the gym floor. 
Are there any performance or competition opportunities for children?

From the age of 3.5 years, we begin the children in our in-house Award Scheme. This is designed to help structure their learning and development according to skills learnt. As they work their way through the skills, they will go up in levels. We celebrate the children’s achievements in our Award Weeks which are held across the clubs every few months. Children are given certificates to celebrate the skills and levels they’ve achieved. Find out more about the Preschool Award Scheme here.

For children aged below 3.5 years, we focus on making the sessions purely focused on getting them familiar with the equipment and exercises, without a focus on moving up levels. 

Once the children are old enough to leave preschool and start Big School, we host a lovely graduation ceremony in the summer to commemorate the special occasion! The children are then able to book into our beginner gymnastics or ninja classes and continue their Gymfinity Kids journey at our club in Chatham. 

If your child has not yet received the remaining level for the Preschool Award Scheme, we will automatically pass them when they moved up to their new class and issue them with any outstanding certificates from the 5 levels. 

If I cannot make it to the lesson, can it be cancelled or rescheduled?

Unfortunately, we cannot reschedule any lessons that cannot be attended.  

How do I get to the gym and is there parking available?

Our Chatham club is located in the Waterside retail park and has restaurants and cafes in the vicinity. There is also an on-site café in the club. Chatham club has free parking available. Find out more about our club here:  

Address: Gymfinity Kids, Waterside, Leviathan Way, Chatham ME4 4LL 

What happens if my child needs to take time off, can we pause our membership?

If you cannot make a series of lessons due to injury, holidays etc, you can freeze your membership for a small fee. This will keep your child’s place in class. You can freeze for a minimum of a month or a maximum of 2 months (in every 12 months). Should you wish to return to your class before your freeze has ended, you can cancel your freeze and pay a pro-rata fee.  

There is no contract so you can cancel your membership at any time. However, if you cancel then wish to return, the joining fee will apply. 

Parking and Address Information

Our Chatham club is located in the Waterside retail park and has restaurants and cafes in the vicinity. There is also an on-site café in the club.

The car park is free for the first 90 mins, enter your registration plate on the tablet in reception to validate this for a further 30 mins. Validation needs to be done on arrival!

Gymfinity Kids, Chatham Waterside, Leviathan Way, Chatham, ME4 4LL
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