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Deli Commonwealth Games Finalist and 2010 Northern European Champion, Grant Gardiner joins our Gymfinity Kids team in Farnborough to share his incredible talent.

Grant Gardiner competing in the 2010 Commonwealth Games

Grant has been an Elite Gymnastics Coach since the age of 16 and is highly qualified in Ninja. It’s his first week as Head of Gymnastics, so we decided to get to know the Welsh Champion better:

Q: Grant, when did you start learning gymnastics?

 A: “My first gym club was actually an all-girls club in Colchester. I was 9 years old and recommended to start gymnastics by a teacher, after being the only child that could finish the monkey bars on a school trip!

After I worked my way through various awards my dad was posted to Northern Ireland, that’s where my squad career started. Within two weeks of being at the club and climbing to the top of the rope they asked me to join the squad.”

Q: What do you love most about being a Coach?

A:I love watching people grow. Children are like sponges and as a Coach, you can have a massive impact on their lives. If I can help them grow into brilliant gymnasts, but also brilliant people that’s the biggest enjoyment for me.

I also love seeing gymnasts turn into young coaches and young coaches grow and improve as well. Now I’ve joined Gymfinity Kids I’ll be working with all different types of coaches. I’m going to learn so much from all of them and hopefully they’ll be able to learn something from me too.”

Q: What was it like competing in the Commonwealth Games in Deli?

A:Amazing. I had previously represented Wales a few times before, but Commonwealths was a different level. I was in the village walking past people like Tom Daley and Yohan Blake! I even beat the British tennis player Heather Watson at pool, it was a surreal experience.  

In the actual competition I felt confident and had a solid start. After the first subdivision I was leading, but I knew the English, Aussies and Canadians were still to come. I finished 7th in the Vault Final and gained so much confidence and experience from it all.

Two weeks later I took that confidence and was awarded Northern European Champion. I had the best competition of my life and I put that down to having gained so much from the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.”

Q: How would your friends and family describe you?

A:Loud, fidgety and strong willed, I’m always laughing and joking too. My mum would say I’m just a big kid, that’s not actually that big. My wife would tell you I’ve got ants in my pants and hate sitting still. My friends would tell you I’m a good friend and will always try to be there for people.

Friends and family mean a lot to me so a lot of what I do is to make them proud, and hopefully I can do that starting my new position at Gymfinity Kids in Farnborough.”

Q: What advice would you give to young people thinking of taking up gymnastics or ninja?

A: “Do it! I honestly believe gymnastics and ninja are the best sports for every child to try.

Don’t get me wrong not everyone will want to do it forever but, the skills you learn like hand eye co-ordination, proprioception and respect will put anyone in good stead for whatever they chose to do in life.

If I was Prime Minister it would be mandatory for every child to try Gymnastics and Ninja, swimming, marital arts or self-defence.”

As well as teaching regular weekly classes, both members and non-members can now book Grant for a private one to one class at the club. Please enquire directly with our Farnborough team for further details on 01252 968445.

Want to ask Grant your own question? Tweet us or drop us a DM on Facebook for a chance to appear on our social channels.

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