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At Gymfinity Kids we’ve conjured up five wicked kids Halloween costume ideas using our very own sports kit. So, if you’ve forgotten to buy the kids costumes this year or simply don’t have the time or energy, here’s a few simple ideas to stay in their good books.

Back in the day when we were kids, Halloween costumes were so much easier. You were either a black cat, a ghost made out of an old sheet or a witch with a cardboard hat and a bin bag cape. We’ve all been there and have the embarrassing photographs to prove it, but the art of making Halloween costumes has seriously advanced since we were kids.

But rather than endlessly scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration or buying an expensive costume they will probably never wear again, here are a few ideas we’ve come up with to save you time, money and energy.

After-all, isn’t this time of year better spend curled up on the sofa snacking on those ‘trick or treat’ chocolates anyway?

Kids Halloween Costume Ideas:


Super Hero

In the recent 2018 US Gymnastics Championships, gymnast Jordan Chiles included lots of Wonder Woman-related elements in her performance. She even wore a Wonder Woman-themed leotard during the event, which you can check out here.

With a few finishing touches your child’s Gymfinity Kids leotard can be transformed into their favourite superhero character.

Zombie Ninja

Wash their kit, but don’t iron it this time – for a convincing ‘apocalypse look’. Swivel their ninja headband back to front, scruff up their hair up and be careful to not get brains (aka ketchup from the cupboard) all over their kit.

Find out more about Ninja sessions here.

Olympic Gymnast

Competing in the Olympics is a very scary thought, but this costume idea is solid gold. All you’ll need to do is make a fake Olympic medal and team with a matching tracksuit top and bottoms.

Find out more about Gymnastics lessons here.

Bank Robber

Grab yourself some ordinary masking tape and place horizontal lines across the Ninja t-shirt. Put their headband over their forehead and print off the word SWAG placing this on their kit bag. Just remember to take this off your child’s bag before bringing them to their next session.

Fierce Fairy

Most gymnastics leotards are glitzy and colourful, which is ideal for making a fierce fairy costume. You can pair this a wing set and magic wand. Another good thing about this costume is that all these props will be great for playing dress up later on.

Remember we currently have a sale on at Gymfinity Kids too! All our leotards are ONLY £19.99 and ALL our ninja wear is 50% OFF*. Our merchandise is available in reception areas at clubs. Sale ends Sunday 21st October and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

We would love to see your Gymfinity Kids Halloween costume, so please share your creations on our social media channels using #GymfinityKids. Or follow us to keep up-to-date with our spooky October Holiday Camps.

*Farnborough Club excluded from Ninja offer.

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