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Martha’s Story

Martha’s mum contacted our team after hearing about the Gymfinity and Beyond campaign on our social media channels. Tanya kindly sent in the short passage below.

“Seeing Martha today you wouldn’t know that she was born without a properly formed hip ball and socket.

My daughter was born with congenital hip dysplasia, which was treated with an open reduction followed by 12 weeks in a cast. As a parent, receiving a hip dysplasia diagnosis can come as a shock followed by a roller coaster of emotions.

Hip dysplasia can be treated in a variety of ways depending on when it is diagnosed and its severity. The open reduction and cast treatment were what Martha received. Others children may have received the same treatment. Or they could have received a different form of treatment.

So, you take your baby into hospital for what you think will be a pretty routine appointment. To leave with them strapped up in a harness and a diagnosis for a condition you hadn’t even heard of until 20 minutes previously.

On the one hand, you feel relief that the condition is completely treatable. On the other hand, you feel the ground has been pulled away from under your feet. Your baby is now facing numerous hospital visits, scans, operations…

Above all, you will discover a strength you didn’t realise you had. You will swell up with pride as they overcome the challenges of living in a cast. As they quickly start to smile and laugh again like any other child.

Fast forward a few years and you feel immensely proud when you see your child compete in a ninja competition (a combination of gymnastics, martial arts and parkour) and win a bronze medal in both her categories.

Finally, to all those parents with a recently diagnosed child, although it may seem like light-years away now, they could be kong vaulting too before you know it – and winning medals too!”

#GymfinityAndBeyond campaign:


Furthermore, want to hear about the difference Gymfinity Kids has made to your family beyond your child’s weekly classes. Whether their confidence increases, your child makes new friends, wins a Star of the Week certificate or masters a technical move, we want to know.

Share your story with us using our hashtag #GymfinityAndBeyond or email socialmedia@gymfinitykids.com to be in with a chance of winning a monthly prize and having your story published on our channels.

 Read more about the Gymfinity & Beyond campaign

Thank you to DE Photo for the competition photography.

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