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Young Worker Lucy joined the Gymfinity Kids team with the dream of coaching her own classes.

In the past twelve months Lucy has gone through Gymnastics and Ninja training, shadowed our Head Coaches and worked closely with our Farnborough Club Manager.

Since the age of four Lucy has been practicing gymnastics. She explained: “becoming a coach has always been in the back of my mind. I’ve been doing gymnastics for most of my life, so it’s second nature to me now.”

Lucy added: “being part of the Gymfinity Kids team teaches me so much, I love working with everyone it’s really grown my confidence in the work environment.”

Now 16 years old, Lucy is beginning to deliver gymnastics classes on her own. Developing lesson plans, providing excellent customer service and supporting other coaches to deliver our award scheme. Lucy has also assisted with birthday parties, competition days, open weekends.

Club Manager Hayli said: “we are all so proud of how Lucy has come along, she’s always smiling and eager to learn. I can’t believe how quickly this past year has gone!”

Reception team member Nicola, (aka Lucy’s Mum) said: it’s been such a positive experience for my daughter. My son now wants to join Gymfinity kids and will be starting the Young Workers program too in September. It’s like our team really is turning into one big family!”

Young people are at the heart of everything we do at Gymfinity Kids. Working closely with our HR Team, we provide support and guidance to the young people employed by us.

HR Manager Jade: “there’s so much potential in young people that work with us, they have so much to offer are fun loving and fit with our company ethos.”

At Gymfinity Kids we want to make sure that the experiences and success stories of our Young Workers are shared. Coach Lucy is just one of many young workers at our Gymfinity Kids clubs across the UK.

Lucy advises: “if you’re a young person looking for a great place to work I would 100% recommend Gymfinity Kids.”

Young Workers Program

We believe young workers bring a fresh perspective, lots of energy and a different way of thinking to our team.

That’s why we offer all our young workers a full training program when joining our club. As a Young Worker, your mission will be to support our Coaches in delivering the amazing Gymfinity kids Gymnastics and Ninja programs.

So, if you’re aged 14 – 16 years old and keen to be part of something new and exciting,

Leap into your future, find out more about joining Gymfinity Kids on our careers page or view a list of current vacancies.

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