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Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids officially opens its doors in Cambridge this September 2019.

The new nursery is located within the Beehive Shopping Centre and offers spaces to children ages 2 – 4 years old. The nursery is open weekdays from 7am until 7pm, 52 weeks a year.

Families can now book a personal tour to view the unique nursery inside Gymfinity Kids.

National Nursery Manager, Heidi said: “every child that walks through our doors is unique in the way they learn, develop and grow. To make sure we deliver the perfect balance of support for each of them, we provide childcare that is rooted in our three pillars: Nourishment, Development, Movement.”

As well as delivering a high standard of Early Years Foundation stage education, Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids has worked with expert child’s Nutritionist Sarah Almond-Bushell to create a healthy balanced menu.

Children’s Nutritionist, Sarah said: “a nutritious, balanced diet is one of the key ingredients to a healthy lifestyle. So your little one grows up with all the energy they need.”

Cambridge will be the 2nd Nursery open by Gymfinity Kids in the UK. Full time spaces are available as well as accepting some funding.

For further information or to book your personal tour at Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids in Cambridge enquire here or call the friendly reception team on 0122 362 2814.

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