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Phoebe’s mum contacted our team after discovering the Gymfinity and Beyond campaign on our social media channels following her daughter’s pre-school lessons. Katie kindly sent in the following passage below.

Phoebe’s Story

When my daughter was born I was worried we would have problems with her walking, let alone doing forward rolls, monkey bars and balance beams. She was born with double hip dysplasia. Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is a condition where the “ball and socket” joint of the hip doesn’t form properly.

Phoebe wore a Pavlik harness for a year and they said she would be behind with crawling and walking compared to her peers. My daughter has always been a very determined, independent little girl and she was walking by the time she was 15months old. Which was the proudest moment of my life!

She’s always loved dancing, jumping and running and she’s always active, we say she has ants in her pants! She loves to do all the of adventure activities at the park (sometimes giving me heart failure) so I knew we had to get her into gym. 

From her first free session to now, we are over two months in Phoebe loves her ‘nastics’ class. She not only practices her forward rolls at home on our bed, but she is also acting out being her coach Becca with her teddies. It’s so lovely to see.

Her legs are still an issue, but you wouldn’t know. She has knocked knees and they’ve said the more sport to try and get them to move outward the better. So, she swims and does ballet as well as gymnastics, but gym is her all-time favourite! She’s also pretty good at it.

We love coming on a Tuesday mornings and the facilities are 2nd to none, as are our coaches. I hope Phoebe will pursue gymnastics into adulthood and I hope it assists her with her legs so she won’t need surgery in her teenage years. I love seeing her improve every week!”

#GymfinityAndBeyond campaign:

We want to hear about the difference Gymfinity Kids has made to your family beyond your child’s weekly classes. Whether that’s an increase in confidence, your child is making friends or has mastered a technical move. We want to know! Share your story with us using our hashtag #GymfinityAndBeyond or email socialmedia@gymfinitykids.com to be in with a chance of winning a monthly prize and having your story published on our channels.

Read more about the campaign here.

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