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Ruby’s mum contacted our team after seeing the Gymfinity and Beyond campaign on our social media channels following her daughter’s pre-school gymnastics classes. Emma kindly sent in the short passage below.

“The other day I experienced a very proud ‘Mummy moment’ as my daughter Ruby achieved her Gymfinity Kids Gymnastics Level 3 Certificate!

To see the improvements she is making is amazing as she was recently diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.

The encouragement and support my daughter’s pre-school Coach Tracey gives to Ruby with her balance and sensory issues is wonderful. The developments my daughter is making on the beam makes me so proud!

Above all, the way Tracy allows her to learn at her own speed, have fun, build her courage, and abilities, all while giving her the time and space she needs to function. Always remaining calm and kind, I really think Coach Tracy goes above and beyond.”


#GymfinityAndBeyond campaign:

We want to hear about the difference Gymfinity Kids has made to your family beyond your child’s gymnastics classes. Whether that’s an increase in confidence. Your child is making friends. Won a Star of the Week certificate or has mastered a technical move, we want to know.

Share your story with us using our hashtag #GymfinityAndBeyond or email to be in with a chance of winning a monthly prize. You can also have your story published on our channels.

Read more about the campaign here.

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