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The benefits of children being active

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Being active doesn’t have to mean taking part in sports or activities your child doesn’t enjoy, being active should be fun!

For children being active means playing, whether that’s running around in the garden, walking on the beam in gymnastics or practising your ninja flip! All physical activity is great for children and when they are active regularly it has a number of benefits physically, mentally and emotionally too!

There are vital health benefits from children being active regularly. Physical activity strengthens muscles and bones, as well as the heart and lungs, which is great for children’s healthy development as they grow. It’s even proven that it lowers the chances of developing illness later in life such as type 2 diabetes! Children’s coordination, balance, flexibility and posture are also improved with regular exercise.

When children are active, chemicals in the body known as endorphins are released which relieve stress and anxiety as well as boost energy levels, resulting in improved emotional well-being. This change in their bodies doesn’t just make your child feel good, it also helps them to concentrate for longer and have a better night sleep! This means that when children go to do their homework, watch tv or read a book after some physical activity they are able to concentrate better and digest more of the information.

Being active is also an important part of playing and learning as it helps children to discover the world around them and grow their confidence. Playing both independently and with other children also helps to develop their brain, language, socialising and communication skills as well as how to share and problem solve.

Here are some tips for encouraging your little one to get moving:

  • Try encouraging your child to be more active indoors and outdoors with different activities
  • Involve the family and make it an event
  • Sign them up to a new activity like our gymnastics or ninja program – you can even sign them up with a friend to encourage their attendance
  • Limit screen time
  • Plan a day out around a fun activity or two!
  • Invite their friends over. If their friends are interested, they are more likely to be interested too!
  • Rewards! At Gymfinity Kids we have a unique award scheme for children to work towards so they can practise their skills and accomplish their goals
  • Focus on the FUN!

Remember, these benefits aren’t just for children. Being active is great for adults too so get involved, be a role model and more importantly have fun!

For babies, you can introduce tummy time, encourage them to reach, pull and kick with toys. Interactive play mats and walkers encourage little ones to move around to noise and lights. You can also take babies to sensory play classes, swimming and to our pre-school classes. These are all great opportunities for babies to be active while interacting with other babies their age too! Being active from an early age can lead to a healthy lifestyle being maintained throughout adulthood!

Our clubs are the ideal place for your children to remain active. We offer a range of physical activities, including gymnastic classes, ninja knight classes, advanced workshops and more. Contact our friendly team today for more information.

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