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For a stress-free start to the school year, we’ve created the ultimate checklist to get your kids ready for the new term. To make the back-to-school process even easier, we’ve included some helpful tips to avoid common mistakes, especially if your child is starting school for the first time.

Please remember: your school should advise you with a full uniform list too, but here’s what we reckon you need to cover your bases.

Back-to-School Checklist



PE kit checklist: Other supplies:

Shirts or polo shirts

Trousers, pinafores or skirts

Belt, if needed


Shoes, socks and wellies

Winter coat and a lightweight waterproof coat (foldable)

Woolly hat and gloves

For some schools you might also need …

Tie, blazer and fleece

Gym bag

Plimsolls or trainers



Swimming kit


Name labels

Book bag

Lunch box

Small water bottle

Pencil case with pencils, pens, coloured crayons, ruler, pencil sharpener, rubber

Music bag / musical instruments e.g. recorder, violin


Top Back-to-School Tips:


Always try uniform on

Your child is probably very excited to wear their brand-new uniform. So, let them practise putting it on and when they’ve finished, practice folding it neatly for PE lessons. If you can, try to steer clear of any fiddly fastenings such as tiny shirt buttons as small fingers find these difficult.

The shoe shop 

It’s worth leaving until later on to get measured and fitted for school shoes as we all know how quick kid’s feet can grow! Once you’ve bought them, make sure to stuff them with wet newspaper over night to loosen them up. Another great tip for softening leather is to apply rubbing alcohol, coconut oil or Vaseline using a cloth to the outside of the shoe and get them to start wearing them in. This way they won’t feel so stiff and uncomfortable on the first day at school.

A top tip from one of our #GKMums is to pre-book a shoe fitting slot at Clarkes, saving you time and unnecessary stress!

Make it easy for yourself

When you go to buy uniform be on the look-out for ‘scuff-resistant’ styles to keep shoes looking good all year. Kids are known for getting messy at playtime, so it’s well worth stocking up on uniform that is ‘stain-resistant’ and ‘crease-resistant’ – less ironing for you!

Remember uniform isn’t limited just to school. Be one step ahead of the game and get the correct uniform for your little one’s after-school activities as well.  All of our Gymfinity Kids Ninja and Gymnastics uniforms are available in the reception areas.

Remember they grow!

Kids are always having growth spurts, so bare this in mind whilst buying. PE kit especially can go unnoticed, it goes in at the beginning of term and comes out at October half term. So, it’s important to make sure it fits and doesn’t get too small during those 6 weeks. If they have a growth spurt it’s easy to forget it’s there and may need changing.

Another top tip from one of our #GKMums is to set a reminder to check their kit at different points during the term, bring it home on a Friday wash it and return it for Monday.

Spot the difference

Ever been to the airport and struggle to spot your suitcase on the conveyor belt? The same rule applies here, amongst the chaos of lunch boxes, coats and bags you need to be able to identify theirs as quickly as possible. Most parents use key rings, stickers and coloured tape.

If you have any parenting hacks or top tips you would like to share, get involved and tweet us! @GymfinityKids 


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