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Things to do in the school holidays

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School’s out and that means it’s time to relax, have some fun and spend time with family and friends. Gymfinity Kids Ambassador for Movement, Imogen Mohammed, shares her top tips for exciting things to do and the best ways to keep active during the school holidays, whatever the weather.

To enjoy the great outdoors…

Create a scavenger hunt – This is a fun activity to do in the garden, in the park or even inside the house. Create a list of objects for your child to find and set them the task of finding them all. You could even turn the game into a competition to see which child completes the list first.

Boost your walk – Going for a walk is a brilliant way to keep active and to enjoy the great outdoors, but lots of children find walks boring. You can make any walk more exciting by setting children fun and silly tasks along the way for example: skip to the next lamp post, hop over drains, bounce up and down every time you spot a red car.

On rainy days…

Create a dance routine – Whether it’s inspired by ballet, jazz, street dance or your child’s own personal style, dancing is a fun physical activity, allowing children to enjoy and learn new skills simultaneously. YouTube is a great source of inspiration to learn a new routine and a dance recital in front of family and friends is a great way to show off new moves.

Alphabet Animals – Using masking tape, create large letters on the floor – this works on any surface and you can make as many letters as your space allows. Call out a letter and an animal-themed movement, which children then have to follow. For example: slither like a snake to the letter B or hop like a frog to the letter A. This is a fantastically fun game to get kids moving. 

Try a new recipe – With all of this activity everyone is bound to be hungry, so why not try a new recipe. Here are some of my favourite recipes created by Gymfinity Kids Ambassador for Nourishment, Annabel Karmel, which are all perfectly suited to fuel hungry tummies and to get get children involved in cooking:

Pesto Pizzas

Puppy, Panda & Monkey Cupcakes

No-Sugar Chocolate Orange Energy Balls

Carrot & Apple Muffins

Cherry Tomato & Spinach Bunny Quiches

To stay active…

Make an obstacle course – A brilliant way to stay active is to make an obstacle course, either in the garden or inside, wherever you have space. Make it as easy or as hard as you like based on your children’s ability, or better still, let them help you set it up and suggest ideas. Place masking tape on the floor to balance walk, hang string to limbo underneath and line up plastic flowerpots to jump over are just a few ideas.

Join a Gymfinity Kids holiday camp – All our clubs welcome members and non-members aged 6 – 14 years old to join our holiday camps, which are jam-packed full of action and are designed to inspire energetic bodies to get moving. More information and the link to book can be found here.

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