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To help provide you with all the information you may need about Gymfinity Kids, take a look through our most frequently asked questions.

Membership FAQs

What is membership?

Becoming a member at your local club guarantees your child’s space in a weekly active class of your choice. Non-members are unable to attend classes and must sign-up first.

How do I become a member?

All memberships are created via our website, click join now to start this process.

How much is a membership?

All our class pricing is available on the website. Visit your club location page and select the ‘Membership’ tab.

Can I suspend the membership or take a break for holidays?

We don’t offer membership freezes but you can cancel your membership at any time. If you wish to re-join it will be based on club availability and you may have to pay the joining fee again.

By cancelling your membership, please be aware your child will lose their weekly class and we are not able to guarantee their space and class time will be available in the future.

The joining fee is non-refundable.

What is the joining fee?

The joining fee includes the set-up fee, certificates, medals and award booklets.

Is there a discount if I have more than one child?

Yes, we offer a discount on the joining fee, £30 for 1st child, then £5 for every additional child.

How do I cancel the membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime by logging into the Parents Area and removing your classes.

My child has no gymnastics experience, can they become a member?

Yes, we offer active classes for all levels and abilities from beginner to advanced.

My child is an experienced gymnast can they join?

Yes, we have high level performance coaches and specialised equipment for experienced gymnasts with lots of fun equipment for children new to the sport too. We offer every child an evaluation where the coaches will assess them and put them into the class that’s right for them.

As a member what classes do my children attend?

When you become a member you’ll select the weekly class time and day for your child. Going forwards, each week they will have a space guaranteed in this class at the same time and day each week.

My child has a disability, can they come to Gymfinity Kids?

We try to offer classes to every child, you can email our friendly member services team and inform them of any medical conditions. Then we will arrange a time with you to discuss this further with our Club Manager, to see how best we can support your needs.

Gymnastics & Ninja Lesson FAQs

How do I book my child a lesson?
  • All memberships are created via our website, click join now to start this process.

During the sign-up process you’ll be asked to select your child’s class from our club timetable. Classes are named with ages to make it easy to select the right class for your child.

Non-members are unable to attend classes.

How do I know my child is in the right class?

Classes are named with ages to make it easy to select the right class for your child.

What does my child need to wear?

We encourage all members to wear Gymfinity Kids Uniform which is available to purchase at reception. The correct clothing for training is shorts and t-shirt, leggings and a t-shirt or leotard. Please do not wear anything that is loose fitting. We do not allow any footwear on the gym floor

Please note:

  • Long hair needs to be tied back
  • No jewellery is permitted – if ears have recently been pierced they must be covered up with tape or plasters
  • No food is permitted during our sessions, but please remember to bring along a drink for your child
  • Children are encouraged to visit the bathroom before they start their session
Can my child do more than one class a week?

Yes, you can join more than one class, simply select the classes you wish to join in the during the signup process.

If you’re already a member, click to login to your member’s area and add a new class.


Can I observe the class?

At Gymfinity Kids, our top priority has always been and will always be child safety.

With government restrictions easing our club will continue to operate safely. After discussions with our Head of Safety and Safeguarding Manager, to further guarantee the safety of all our children and prevent overcrowding in clubs, only parents with preschool aged children will be able to stay and view classes. If your child is aged 4.5yrs and above, you will not be able to stay and view your child’s class.

What should I expect from each class?

Each lesson should be productive, structured and most of all fun for all children, regardless of ability. Each lesson is led by a qualified and trained gymnastics coach, who is fully DBS checked and First Aid trained.

Gymnasts will start with a warm up and stretch and then rotate around the gymnastics / ninja equipment. They rotate around different equipment each week and work towards our award scheme.

Do the children follow an awards scheme?

All gymnasts and ninjas follow a progressive curriculum and work towards an award scheme. The award scheme has been developed by leading educational and gymnastics specialists. Alongside the award scheme, children also can achieve stickers and rewards for their development.

How do I arrange to speak to my child’s coach?

You are welcome to arrange an appointment with the coach or the club manager. The coaches will also be available at the start or end of the class for a quick chat.

Can I change my child’s class?

Yes, you can change your class by logging into our parents area online.

What happens if a class is cancelled?

We will inform you if a class is cancelled and will endeavour to make this session up as soon as possible.

Is my child in the correct class?

Our classes are organised into ages and levels. We offer everyone a 15-minute evaluation where coaches will assess your child and ensure they are placed into the right class.


How will I know when my child is ready to move into the next level of class?

The child will be regularly assessed and monitored by our fully qualified coaches and they will inform you when your child is ready to move up.

Do classes run through the school holidays?

Yes, we continue sessions through school holidays as normal. We also host fun holiday camps during each school holiday break too.

Do I need to stay with my child when they are in a class?

Parents of pre-school children are encouraged to stay, we have viewing area with Wi-Fi.

However, if your child is 4.5 years old+ you are free to drop off and collect at the end of the session.

Baby Balance FAQs

We are currently not running Baby balance classes in our clubs.

Birthday Party FAQs

How do I book a party?

You can book a party by registering your details online via our Birthday Party page or by emailing our member services team at info@gymfinitykids.com

How many children can attend party?

We have facilities for up to 30 kids per party.

Do you provide food and drink?

No, but you can bring in your own party food, please note we are not able to provide cooking or preparation facilities.

Do you host themed parties?

Yes, we have a gymnastics, ninja for fun-time themed parties to choose from.

How long are parties?

Partygoers get 1 hors on the gym floor, followed by 30 minutes for food and presents in our venue.

What age are birthday parties suitable for?

We recommend 5 years +, however can arrange for a preschool party with less children. Please email our member services team for full details at: info@gymfintiykids.com 

Holiday Camp FAQs

How do I book a Holiday Camp?

To book a holiday camp, please click here.

What times are your Holiday Camps?

8.30am – 3.30pm

Do you provide lunch meals for Holiday Camps?

We do not provide meals, please pack your child a lunch and drink.

What age does my child need to be to attend a Holiday Camp?

Our holiday camps are suitable for all children aged 6-14 years.

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