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Gymfinity Activities

Pre School

Super fun and interactive for parents and kids.

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We’ve created a space for kids to grow

Research shows that early parent-child interaction contributes to the healthy social, cognitive and physical development of your child. We’re all about making this super fun and interactive for parents and children.

Our curriculum of preschool gymnastics is developed in conjunction with world-leading experts in childcare and educational gymnastics and employs physical, social and scholastic themes.

In these club sessions, toddlers learn to recognise shapes, letters, numbers and words in a fun, active and positive learning environment.

Preschool from Walking – 2yrs (Preschool)

Suitable for: walking – 24 months

This club offers a 45-minute class promoting parent-child bonding and social development through exploring the wonders of gymnastics! At this stage in your toddler’s development, they will be walking and beginning to explore their environment. So, this session focuses on floor activities with stations and obstacles for you and your little one to explore together. What’s more this session is designed by leading childcare experts in the US.

Preschool 2yrs-3.5yrs (Preschool)

This club offers high-energy classes specially designed to match a preschooler’s boundless energy and capture their imaginations! Coaches and parents work together to introduce concepts such as taking turns, following directions and working with others. This session utilises more advanced gymnastics equipment such as beams, bars and air track to inspire independence and confidence.

Preschooler 3yrs-4.5yrs (Preschool)

This club builds on the preschool curriculum with more advanced skills such as rolling, handstands, cartwheels and rebound work. Parents no longer fully participate but are welcome to watch from the viewing area and come into the gym if needed. The lesson plan encourages children to understand rules and follow instructions. At the same time they will learn gymnastics and movement skills in a fun, positive and safe environment.

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