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Gymfinity Kids Award Scheme & Award Week

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Here at Gymfinity Kids, we celebrate every child’s achievements and developments, no matter how big or small! We know how hard the children work across the Gymfinity Gymnastics and Ninja Attack classes, and when they see their progression, it both motivates and inspires them to continue their hard work and push themselves to new heights.

In-House Award Scheme

Our in-house Award Scheme has been developed by the specialist coaching team at Gymfinity. Our unique awards scheme means that we can tailor a progression pathway for any child, balancing development and fun in equal measure. It centres around the well-being of developing kids and supporting happy healthy futures.

The programs are structured and divided into skill stages – as the children attend their weekly class, they will experience a variety of movement elements and skills, and get the training on how to safely perform the moves on the floor (such as handstands and front somersaults) and on different pieces of equipment (such as beam and vault).

As they master each skill or complete a level, parents are notified of the completion via email – parents must opt into our marketing communications within their account to receive the updates. These notifications will relay what skills the child has learnt in class and get visibility of the skills they are working towards in the future. Once the child has completed all skills for their level, they will be able to move up to the next level and learn a whole new set of skills!

Throughout each child’s development, we award medals and certificates to help showcase their development, progress and achievements through movement and physical activity. And this includes the celebration of Award Week, which we host across our clubs every few months.

Gymfinity Kids: Award Week

Across our clubs, we host a special week where your child can showcase their new gymnastics or Ninja skills – we celebrate the achievements of every single child during Award Week!

Award Week is an opportunity for coaches to sign off on any new skills achieved since the last Award Week and give out certificates, showing how many new skills they’ve learnt towards their next level. Classes run as usual, but there is a celebration at the end of class where the award ceremony takes place.

Expect banners, balloons and high spirits – it’s the perfect opportunity to bring the club’s Gymfinity family together! Parents are invited to come along to Award Week and watch their child’s class to celebrate their achievements with us.

Share your proud moments on social using #GKAWARDWEEK to get featured on our socials!

Award Intensive Workshops

Our Award Weeks are usually after a school break, such as half-term. During the break, we run Award Intensive Workshops – these extra sessions are the perfect opportunity to brush up on skills and put in focused training ahead of the certification week. There will be separate gymnastic and ninja sessions available for every level with tailored coaching to help sign off skills.

Please login to your Parents Area to view where your child is up to on their progress and award scheme, then contact your club’s reception or Member services at to book a session.

COST: £20
DURATION: 2 hours

Award Scheme Levels

Our unique Award Scheme began in June 2022 and has really helped the children push themselves to progress alongside their peers. Coaches can award skills at any time and allow children to go up a level, but they only get a certificate in our Award Weeks.

Our qualified coaches will note when a child is ready to go up a level and will give a ‘spotted’ card with details. With those details, parents can then go to reception and get their child moved to a new level/class. It is advised to wait until a ‘spotted’ card is received before changing your child to a new level.

Preschool Award Scheme

Children will begin to work through the award scheme in their class from the Preschool classes for ages 3.5 – 4.5 years old.

Children aged 3.5 years old in Preschool Movement classes will begin attending the regular Award Weeks where children receive certificates based on the skills learnt in class. They will be familiarised with gymnastics equipment, such as beams, bars and air track, and floor moves, such as rolling, handstands, cartwheels and rebound work.

An example list of Preschool skills per Level

Preschool – Level 1: Beginner

  • Stand still on a small surface
  • Point one foot out in front
  • Safe landing position
  • Use different hand apparatus, e.g. bean bags/balls/ribbons

Preschool – Level 2

  • Transfer weight from one foot to the other
  • Forward roll down an incline
  • Walking forwards on beam with bean bag on head
  • Hang on rings

Preschool – Level 3

  • Sidestep along the beam
  • Bunny hops over a line on the floor
  • Front support shape with feet raised on a block
  • Showing balances with different body parts

Preschool – Level 4

  • Half handstand
  • Bunny jumps over a bench
  • Balance on one leg on the beam
  • Jump on the floor beam

Preschool – Level 5

  • Crawling along the beam
  • Climbing feet up the wall towards handstand
  • Front support walks
  • Walking along the beam with no help

Gymnastics Award Scheme

From the first forward roll to mastering the bars, our fun weekly gymnastics classes aim to build confidence and friendships whilst inspiring children to progress and develop through the unique awards scheme. All classes are grouped by age and level to ensure that every child receives tailored coaching to their individual needs and ability.

Gymnastics Levels & Ages

An example list of Gymnastics skills per Level

Gymnastics – Level 1: Beginner

  • Chin the bar with support
  • Leg lift with support
  • Walk forwards along high beam with stacked mats or resi underneath
  • Bunny hops

Gymnastics – Level 2

  • Forward roll
  • Backward roll down an incline – no support
  • Linked straight jump, tuck jump, star jump
  • Handstand against a wall for 3 seconds (tummy to wall)

Gymnastics – Level 3: Beginner

  • Backward roll
  • Cartwheel over a bench
  • Bridge hold with straight arms for 3 seconds
  • Handstand with straight legs – return to standing

Gymnastics – Level 4: Beginner

  • Bridge kick over off a block
  • Donkey kicks with hands on a block using a trampette
  • Arch hold for 5 seconds roll to dish hold for 5 seconds
  • Run, jump, straddle through to sit

Gymnastics – Level 5: Intermediate

  • Bend back to bridge onto raised mat
  • Dive forward roll onto stacked mats using trampets
  • One-handed cartwheel
  • Kick to handstand flatback on floor

Gymnastics – Level 6: Intermediate

  • Bend back to bridge
  • Bridge kick over
  • Flick over a barrel
  • Hurdle step/jump lunge round off

Gymnastics – Level 7: Intermediate

  • Backwards walkover
  • Handstand into bridge stand up
  • Supported standing flick
  • Handspring flat back on table vault

Gymnastics – Level 8: Advanced

  • Dive cartwheel
  • Forward walkover
  • Standing flick
  • Handspring

Gymnastics – Level 9: Advanced

  • Handstand 1/2 fall to back to land on a mat
  • Handspring over table vault
  • 20 heel drives on a block
  • Squat on, catch the high bar and over to front support with support

Gymnastics – Level 10: Advanced

  • Squat on, catch the high bar and over to front support
  • Free cartwheel
  • Handspring to 1, handspring to 2 connected
  • Round off flick on floor, unsupported

Ninja Award Scheme

From the first ninja flip to mastering the vertical wall, fun weekly Ninja Attack classes combine a mix of martial arts and freestyle movement.

Ninja Levels & Ages

An example list of skills per Level

Ninja – Level 1: Beginner 

  • Step through vault
  • Hopping on each leg
  • Tuck rolls
  • Springboard take off

Ninja – Level 2

  • Strides on spots
  • Pre from block to spot
  • Plyos on spots (airtrack/tramp)
  • 180 pre from spot to spot

Ninja – Level 3

  • Strides on blocks
  • Pre from block to block
  • Plyos on spots (floor)
  • Circle down on bar

Ninja – Level 4

  • Lazy vault
  • Handstand against wall (kick up)
  • Cartwheel
  • Jumping from height to safety roll

Ninja – Level 5

  • Strides on blocks linked to a vault
  • Waist cat
  • Crane landing
  • Wall bounce 180

Ninja – Level 6

  • Handspring off block
  • Round off
  • Front tuck on trampoline
  • 5 unassisted sit-ups

Ninja – Level 7

  • 20 burpees
  • 10 explosive star jumps
  • Crescent kick
  • Swing to step through vault

Ninja – Level 8

  • Flick
  • Front tuck on floor
  • Arabian roll
  • 5 supported chin-ups on a bar

Ninja – Level 9

  • 5 connected strides at various height
  • 4 consecutive bar skills
  • Jump from height to safe landing/roll
  • Straddle undershoot high bar

Ninja – Level 10

  • 3 vault run
  • Wall flip
  • Back tuck
  • Front tuck over obstacle/over gap
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